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Kuji are sure-win lucky draw games, popular in Japan. You can view the items from the Kuji collection; buy the number of cards you'd like, and find out which items you pulled! 

For more Kuji titles and the latest collections, visit us at our physical stores!

For Pre-orders purchased, we will email buyers with the show time information after the stocks have arrived. Refer to the estimated arrival dates under Product Description on each product page. *Estimated arrival dates are subjected to changes due to erratic production and shipping times caused by the global Covid-19-induced disruptions.

If you buy here, we will open your cards via a Live Video. You have the option to self collect at our stores or request that we mail the items to you. (Shipping charged separately. Ships internationally.)

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*Please note that for Kuji items, there are no holds or reservations for eCheque payment options until the order is paid / eCheque cleared. 

*Strictly no cancellations and refunds for Kuji purchased. 

*Designs will be randomly picked for items with multiple designs. Our kuji is shared with our offline stores, and item availability information may change real-time in between live-show segments. We are also unable to facilitate changes / choosing via email, messaging or any other methods.

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*Please see our Kuji-related FAQ here

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