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Fairy Tail Journal - Break Out! Version

Fairy Tail Journal - Break Out! Version

$14.17 SGD (4 Left)

From the Fairy Tail 18th opening song, Break Out, join these Fairy Tail wizards in their adventures with his hardcover journal! On the front, we have the hot bishounen wizards and the back of the journal features the sexy ladies from the guild. Write down...

Fairy Tail Folder Kit - Tartaros Arc

$7.67 SGD Sold Out

Attention all Fairy Tail fans! This A4 folder kit features the Fairy Tail members as seen from the Tartaros Arc. We have Team Natsu on the L-shaped folder and Gajeel, Mirajane, Wendy and Juvia donning the front of the folder kit. No fear! Your documents...

Fairy Tail Journal - Tartaros Arc

$14.17 SGD Sold Out

The members from Fairy Tail guild are now on this super intense journal! Keep your magical secrets safe with this coloured journal that features the Fairy Tail members as seen in the Tartaros Arc! With Natsu and Lucy donning the front cover, they will protect...

Fairy Tail Card Sticker - Erza Scarlet (Kimono SD)

$6.37 SGD Sold Out

An addition to the Fairy Tail merchandise! This adorable card sticker features our favourite heroine from the anime, Erza Scarlet, in a purple kimono looking very cute in SD style! Don't you just want to make sure she never gets lost if you paste her...

Fairy Tail Card Sticker - Natsu & Happy (Yukata SD)

$6.37 SGD Sold Out

Fairy Tail lovers and Natsu-Happy fans would not miss this out! It's a cute card of Natsu and Happy in their summer yukatas SD-style! Paste it on your transport card or on any other cards, and regardless of the seasons, this cheery card sticker will...
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