Kirby The Stars Planet Robobot Armour - 2 Capsule Toys (Random)

$8.00 / For 2 Pulls 🌀 Sold Out

*Price is for 2 randomly dispensed capsule toys. Kirby Planet Robobot Armor Collection Figure

Kuji - Kirby Desktop Helpers [2 Capsules]

$8.00 SGD / For 2 Pulls 🌀 Sold Out

[New] We Will Open Capsules on Selected Otaku House Live Shows We are now opening selected Capsules on the Otaku House Kuji Show. This works just like the regular Kuji, but these babies comes in random capsules.  *Price is for 2 Pulls 🌀    FLAT Shipping 🚢!!! KUJI DELIVERY INFORMATION...
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