Kuji - Cells At Work! Mochi Kororin Plush Mascot

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[New] We Will Open Blind Boxes¬†ūüźô on Selected Otaku House Live Shows Get these ultra code blood platelets from the TV anime Cells at Work!These¬†cutesy¬†illustrations are drawn by popular illustrator "Akane"! We are now opening selected Blind Boxes on the Otaku House¬†Kuji Show. This works...

Touken Ranbu Plush Doll Mascot Vol. 3

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Here comes the Touken Ranbu boys in an adorable plush form! We have Shokudaikiri Mitsutada with his famous eyepatch and also, Mikazuki Munechika! Perfect for hardcore fan of the Touken series! Add him to your Touken shrine! This plush is approximately 130mm in length. 
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