This machine will be right back!

Boss Kitty's Online UFO Catcher

We now have online Claw Paw Machines!! This beauty is called “Destiny”, and she’s ready to bring you to a Wonderland of prize-grabbing! No app required to play game.

Prize Info

This is a Re:Zero Rem or Ram Kimono Long Pillow from Taito. You get either one of these Daikimakura when you win. They are 85cm each, enough for you to hug them tightly to sleep. Try not to make funny sounds when you hug them.

If you make BOX A fall, you win a REM cushion! If you make BOX B fall, you win RAM! If you make both BOX A and BOX B fall at the same time, we will give you one random cushion.

Item Weight

Due to the size of this item, we are setting it at 2kg for shipping. (Which is lower than the actual weight actually)



How do I get my prizes?

We ship worldwide. Check your account for shipping options after you win something! (My Account -> Claim Paw Machine Prizes)

How long do you keep my prizes?

We will keep your items for 2 weeks. After that, the prizes are deemed to be forfeited.

Is there store collect for Paw Prizes?

Yes. It's under the Free Shipping Day if you are located in Singapore. Please remember that there's a 2 week deadline to claim your prizes.

What happens when the prize is stuck on the claw at the end of the game?

We will not honour the win as the drops are detected by a sensor. Whoever that makes the prize drop will get the win.

What happens when I managed to grab more than one prize in a game?

We will honour one prize only.

What happens if I managed to grab a part of the prize and not the whole item? (Like the tag, ribben, accessory etc...)

We will not honour the prize.

I know this is still undergoing Beta testing. Who should I contact if there are weird issues?

Can I refund my Gems?



*Terms and conditions apply. We reserve the right to suspend the practice plays or reset the free gems at any time for individual or all accounts regardless of whether gems have been claimed.