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Kuji are sure-win lucky draw games, popular in Japan. You can view the items from the Kuji collection; buy the number of cards you'd like, and find out which items you pulled! 

For more Kuji titles and the latest collections, visit us at our physical stores!

If you buy here, we will open your cards via a Live Video. You have the option to self collect the items at our stores or request that we mail the items to you. (Shipping charged separately. Ships internationally.)

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*Please note that for Kuji items, there are no holds or reservations for eCheque payment options until the order is paid / eCheque cleared. 

*Strictly no cancellations and refunds for Kuji purchased. 

*Designs will be randomly picked for items with multiple designs. Our kuji is shared with our offline stores, and item availability information may change real-time in between live-show segments. We are unable to facilitate changes / choosing via email, messaging or any other methods.

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*Please see our Kuji policy FAQ here


Kuji Kuji - Sebon Star Anime Cosmetics Coffret Anime Cosmetics <br>[FLAT SHIPPING]

Kuji - Sebon Star Anime Cosmetics Coffret Anime Cosmetics

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There are 60 items to be won! Buy any number of cards for a chance to win any of the items in the images. There will be a video streaming of the drawing of the items after you have purchased the cards.  Click here for our Live Show Schedule Prizes lineup: ○...
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