Kuji - My Hero Academia - Mochi Mochi Mascot Vol.2

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[New] We Will Open Blind Boxes 🐙 on Selected Otaku House Live Shows We are now opening selected Blind Boxes on the Otaku House Kuji Show. This works just like the regular Kuji, but these babies comes in Blind Boxes. There are 10 My hero Academia designs to be collected!...
🕹️Paw Game - Premium My Hero Academia Figures

🕹️Paw Game - Premium My Hero Academia Figures

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MHA Online Claw Machine Boss Kitty has decided that she likes these machines and has set up some online Claw Paw Machines!! These claw machines are a type of arcade game commonly found in video arcades or shopping malls. Now, you can play them online! My Hero Academia FIgures...
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