GeGeGe no Kitaro Putitto Series (Blind Box)

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Shigeru Mizuki's masterpiece, GeGeGe no Kitaro is now part of the Putitto series! The lineup includes familiar casts such as Kitaro, Medama-oyaji, Neko Musume, Nezumi Otoko, Ittanmomen as well as Salaryman Yamada! There is also a secret character featured in this Putitto series so try your luck to...

Kirby Adventures Putitto (Blind Box)

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From the classic game series, Kirby Adventures, here comes the adorable Kirby from the series in a kawaii putitto form! The lineup features Dash, Saksama, Inemuri, Ringo, Oajimi and Warp star!  Accessorise your cup with this adorable mini figurine putitto.  Please note that this is a blind box which means the...

Osomatsu-san Putitto Figure (Blind Box)

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The famous comedy anime series, Osomatsu-san is now part of the Putitto series! You can use these sextuplets to decorate the edge of your glasses! The lineup includes Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu and Todomatsu! Don't miss out on this adorable release and add them to your Osomatsu-san collection!  The figure is approximately 50mm-55mm in...
Blind Box YOKAI WATCH Putitto Series (Blind Box)

YOKAI WATCH Putitto Series (Blind Box)

$5.28 USD

The anime series, Yokai Watch is now part of the Putitto series! Yokai Watch Putitto just released the 3rd volume! The lineup includes Jibanyan, Koma-san, Komajiro, Whisper, Tomunyan and Robonyan Type F. You can now use your cup in style! The figure is approximately 60mm in height.  Please note that this is a blind box which means...
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