Kuji - Disney Spring Vacation

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About Kuji - Disney Spring Vacation

There are 80 items to be won! Buy any number of cards for a chance to win any of the items in the images. There will be a video streaming of the drawing of the items after you have purchased the cards. 

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Prizes lineup:

Figure Collection
1) Mickey Mouse Figure (1 pc) 
2) Minnie Mouse Figure (1 pc)
3) Donald Duck Figure (1 pc)
4) Daisy Duck Figure (1 pc)
5) Goofy Figure (1 pc)
6) Pluto Figure (1pc)
7) Clarabelle Cow Figure (1pc)
8) Morty and Ferdie Figure (1pc)
9) Huey, Dewey, and Louie Figures (1 pc)
10) Chip and Dale Figures (1pc)
11) Mickey Mouse Plush (3pc)
12) Minnie Mouse Plush (3pc)
13) Donald Duck Plush (3pc)
14) Pluto Plush (3pc)
15) Clarabelle Cow Plush (3pc)
16) Chip and Dale Plush (3pc)
17) Mickey Mouse Pouch - Blue (5pc)
18) Minnie Mouse Pouch - Pink (5pc)
19) Donald Duck Pouch - Mint (5pc)
20) Chip and Dale Pouch - Orange (5pc)
21) Mickey Mouse Travel Bag Tag (5pc)
22) Minnie Mouse Travel Bag Tag (5pc)
23) Donald Duck Travel Bag Tag (5pc)
24) Clarabelle Cow Travel Bag Tag (4pc)
25) Goofy Travel Bag Tag (4pc)
26) Pluto Travel Bag Tag (4pc)
27) Chip and Dale Travel Bag Tag (5pc)
○ Last Prize - Plush Toy Set (Mickey & Minnie)


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