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Nanoblock Farm

On Sale $37.89 AUD Sold Out Regular price $39.88 AUD

Old Macdonald have a farm! Part of Nanoblock Stories Collection, here we have a nanoblock version of a typical day at the farm. Included in this farm are the cow, trees and the main star - a girl farmer in nanobbit form! How adorable is this...

Nanoblock A/S Stacked Daruma Game

On Sale $21.61 AUD Sold Out Regular price $22.74 AUD

Stacked Daruma Game or also known as Daruma Otoshi! in Japanese is cultural game where players have to knock the center pieces out with a hammer without causing the daruma on top to fall over. This 200 pieces nanoblock plays a tribute to the fun game. Code: NBC-275

Nanoblock A/S Kumade (Lucky Charm Rake)

$22.74 AUD Sold Out

Increase your luck level with this nanoblock! In Japanese culture, Kumade or translated as Lucky Charm Rake, is a traditional Japanese Good Luck charm which is believed to draw fortune. With 220 pieces of nanoblock, this nanoblock is also part of Nanoblock Awards Selection 2017...

Nanoblock A/S Umbrella

$22.74 AUD Sold Out

Part of the Nanoblock Award Selection 2017 series, this nanoblock version of a umbrella is not only simply but also, pretty to look at! With 150 pieces, this nanoblock have a clear design and also a stand to "dry out" the umbrella. Perfect gifts for rain...

Nanoblock A/S Fire Extinguisher

On Sale $18.35 AUD Sold Out Regular price $19.31 AUD

Someone, please call the firefighter! This fire extinguisher is one of the winner for Nanoblock design competition. Despite its miniature size, this nanoblock manages to capture the details of the fire and the process of extinguishing them. This would be a perfect gift for firefighters...

Nanoblock A/S Astronomical Telescope

On Sale $18.35 AUD Sold Out Regular price $19.31 AUD

Part of the Nanoblock design competition, here we have an astronomical telescope for all space fans out there! Made of 70 pieces, this miniature telescope can be set up together with your family and friends. This would be a great gift for your any space...
Nanoblock Nanoblock Mini Lucky Charms (Blind Pack)

Nanoblock Mini Lucky Charms (Blind Pack)

$9.03 AUD

New year, new luck! From the Nanoblock mini series, here comes the lucky charms in miniature form! There are 8 different types of lucky charms for you to collect! The lineup includes Japanese classic charms like the maneki neko, daruma and many more! Please note that this is a blind...

Nanoblock Hina Doll

$15.30 AUD Sold Out

Presenting to you Hina Doll in nano-version! This is definitely a must have foråÊHina Matsuri collectors! The adorable looking Hina Doll will brighten up your day!åÊ åÊ Code: NBC-130

Nanoblock Monster Hunter Seregios

$58.38 AUD Sold Out

It is a bird? It is a plane? It's Seregios from "Monster Hunter"! TheåÊFlying Wyvern now comes in nano-version! Take up this challenge to fix this 500-piece building set that is sure to wow your friends and family! Code: NBM-009
Nanoblock Nanoblock Basic Set Mini

Nanoblock Basic Set Mini

$20.80 AUD

Start your nanoblock collection with this Basic Set Mini today! Have a time of great fun and bonding with your friends and family while piecing the set together! It's even suitable for young kids! What are you waiting for? Get yours today! åÊ Code: PBS-001

Nanoblock LED Plate

$18.17 AUD Sold Out

A nano-version of LED plate is definitely a keeper! The LED plate shines in three different colours (red, blue, green), andåÊtransitsåÊslowly between the three!åÊ åÊ Code: NB-011

Nanoblock Cinnamoroll

$15.30 AUD Sold Out

One won't be able to resist the fluffy character from the Sanrio World in mini version! Cinnamoroll comes inåÊnano block and is relatively easy to build. Don't miss this out if you are a fan of Cinnamoroll! åÊ Code:åÊNBCC-012
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