Monthly Delivery Service - Australia

    No need to top up shipping fees for Kuji (Up to 20kg)

    Courier Nin - Australia (Monthly)
    Shipping FrequencyMonthly
    ShippingUse Code: FREEAU for free Shipping
    Max Weight20kg (Higher of vol or actual)
    Applicable for Non-Kuji OrdersYES!
    Monthly Fee (Australia) $138.00 AUD ≈ SGD $138.00

    We will consolidate all your parcels and will send the items to your home address once every month.

    How does it work?

    No more top ups for your Kuji orders! To help you save on shipping costs and get your items more efficiently, we have launched the "Courier Nin Delivery Service". This is perfect for Australian customers that buy Kuji often and would like to consolidate their items.

    We will send out your items that are bought AND drawn in the previous month, within the following month. Preorders may not be included in this case.

    Due to system limitations, we will not be able to consolidate items purchased before you are a member.

    The quota will go towards items bout and sent out on the month where the membership is in effect.

    Items that does not require Shipping Top Ups will be sent seperately and will not use your quota.

    When will the first parcel be sent out?

    Monthly Plans

    Typically we will send the first delivery the next month after your subscription. For subscribers that sign up too close to the end of the month, we may send out your first delivery two months later at twice the quota to ensure you don't waste any quota. Subsequently parcels will be sent out monthly. eg. You sign up on 25 Jan, we may send out your first parcel in March at 88lbs (40kg) quota.

    When will normal Shipping Top Ups still apply?

    Items must be able to fit into a DHL Jumbo Box 8 (54x44.5x41 cm). If you use up the 44lbs quota for the month, normal shipping top ups apply for excess items.

    If you purchase items that do not require shipping top ups together with item items that require shipping top ups, we may consolidate everything together. If you buy them on different orders, we will send out the items that do not require shipping top ups first.

    Can you have your recent purchases bought before signing up to the Order Consolidation Plans be added into the first box?

    We will start consolidating after you make the purchase. The reason we can't go back and add in the previous orders is because they would have been packed / measured / process and that is a really labour intensive process.

    Cancellation Policy

    Cancel at any time. We will consolidate up the the month which you have paid the subscription.