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White Cat Ears Hairband with Bells

On Sale $14.87 AUD Sold Out Regular price $25.33 AUD ( 0 Left)

White Cat Ears with Bells, lace and White / Black Ribbons (Cosplay) Go nyan! with this perfect white cat ears, complete with soft white lace and a pair of bells that twinkle with your every step. Great for cosplaying and parties! Fits any general head...

Black Cat Ears Hairband (Maid Version)

On Sale $14.87 AUD Sold Out Regular price $19.18 AUD ( 0 Left)

Something to upgrade your Maid Cosplay to a Neko-mimi Maid Cosplay! Nothing to add an extra dimension of cute moe-ness than cat ears don‰۪t you think so -nyan? Fits any general head size. Now practice that - Welcome home, master! Measurement:Length of Cat Ears Hairband = 27 cmHeight of...
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