Kuji Kuji - Sonic Frontier Sega

Kuji - Sonic Frontier Sega

$14.96 AUD ( 36 Left)

There are 70 items to be won! Buy any number of cards for a chance to win any of the items in the images. There will be a video streaming of the drawing of the items after you have purchased the cards.  Click here for our Live Show Schedule Prizes lineup: A Prize - Visual Art...

SUPER SONICO Summer Princess Concept Figure

$34.40 AUD Sold Out

Hear up, fans of Sonico as more merchandise to be added to your Super Sonico shrine! From the popular "Super Sonico", comes a figurine of Sonico in an adorable swimsuit by FuRyu! Available in Green and Orange, Sonico is all set and ready for the hot...
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