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Soft Toy Mameshiba-san Kyoudai Mochikko Cube Big Plush

Mameshiba-san Kyoudai Mochikko Cube Big Plush

$45.77 AUD

From AMUSE's Mameshiba-san Kyoudai series, here we have the adorable shiba in fluffy fluffy cube form! This huge and big plush is perfect for cuddling during those cold nights and keep your company. Shiba Inu can't get more adorable than this! Get yours now! The...

Kotori Tai Tamago Kara Big Plush

$45.77 AUD Sold Out

Say Hello to the newborn eggs from the adorable series of Kotori Tai by Amuse! With their adorable big eyes, how can one resists them! We have different characters for you to choose from! These big plush are perfect for you to snuggle with!  These egg...

Kotsubu Hobby Penguin Big Plush Soft Toy

On Sale $22.83 AUD Sold Out Regular price $45.77 AUD

Are you a fan of penguin? Then, here comes the kawaii Kotsubu Penguin which is perfect to accompany you to sleep! With its big head and small body, the proportion of this penguin is too adorable! The plush by FuRyu is approximately 32cm x 26cm x...

Marukuma Polar World Soft Toy

$22.83 AUD Sold Out

Here comes the super adorable Marukuma Polar collection! Polar and his buddies is now in an adorable plush form! The lineup includes Polar (standard white), Mofu Mofu (black), Yamabiko-chan (nut on head), Rocky (fish on head) and Honey-chan (bee on head). Get your hands on these adorable...
Pillow Shakugan no Shana Body Pillow Case - Shana Ryugazaki Dakimakura

Shakugan no Shana Body Pillow Case - Shana Ryugazaki Dakimakura

On Sale $56.21 AUD Regular price $208.77 AUD

This Shana case is 150 x 50cm. Time to get this design of the beautiful Shana from the anime series "Shakugan no Shana" bolster and body pillow case for a change! Be sure that you will have a comfy sleep because the material is super...
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