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The Nanoblock is the smallest brick in the world! Developed by Kawada Japan and are inspired by Lego bricks, the Nanoblock has the smallest brick size of 4mm × 4mm × 5mm. 

The underside of the bricks are different from Lego bricks because they use a dividing flange, known as the double-ridged backing system, instead of the tube system that Lego employs.

These are official Nanoblock from Japan. 

Nanoblock Brook

On Sale $27.03 AUD Sold Out Regular price $28.45 AUD

Let's give a huge applause to the musician of the Straw Hat Pirates for joining Nanoblock's One Piece collection! Even in his Nanoblock form, "Soul King" Brook is as colourful as his personality. Get him and collect the rest of the crew too! Code: NBCC-055

Nanoblock Franky

On Sale $27.03 AUD Sold Out Regular price $28.45 AUD

The 8th member of the Straw Hat Pirates is joining Nanoblock's One Piece collection. This cyborg, Franky is the shipwright of the Straw Hat Pirates and this 210 pieces nanoblock is the perfect item for fans of him!   Code: NBCC-054

Nanoblock Robin

On Sale $27.03 AUD Sold Out Regular price $28.45 AUD

Yet another Straw Hat Pirates crew joining the Nanoblock series. This time, we have the archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates, Nico Robin in her "after timeskip" outfit. Add her this the beautiful lady of Straw Hat Pirates to your One Piece collection. Code: NBCC-053

Nanoblock Chopper

On Sale $27.03 AUD Sold Out Regular price $28.45 AUD

The mascot of Straw Hat Pirates is making his Nanoblock debut! Other than being a mascot (out of his will), Tony Tony Chopper is actually the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates. Show your love for the crew's pet (don't tell him that) and collect the...
Nanoblock Nanoblock Usopp

Nanoblock Usopp

On Sale $27.03 AUD Regular price $28.45 AUD

The sniper of Straw Hat Pirates, Usopp has joined Nanoblock's One Piece collection. Despite his role as a comic relief, Usopp is compassionate and powerful in his own way. Show some love to Usopp with this 150 pieces nanoblock! Code: NBCC-049

Nanoblock Nami

On Sale $27.03 AUD Sold Out Regular price $28.45 AUD

Known as the Cat Burglar, Nami is the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates as seen in the One Piece series. Nami's appearance matured through the entire series and this 150 pieces Nanoblock portrayed Nami in her "after timeskip" self. Don't forget to collect the rest of the...
Nanoblock Nanoblock Sanji

Nanoblock Sanji

On Sale $27.03 AUD Regular price $28.45 AUD

The fifth member of the Straw Hat Pirates, Sanji is not only the cook but also one of the top four fighters in the crew! This 140 pieces nanoblock version of Sanji features him in his "before timeskip" outfit and of course, Sanji is not...

Nanoblock Zoro

On Sale $27.03 AUD Sold Out Regular price $28.45 AUD

All hail to one of the master swordsman in the One Piece universe. His serious face have turned into slightly not so scary anymore in this nanoblock version! This 150 pieces nanoblock is great for any Zoro's fangirls/boys out there. This is part of the...

Nanoblock Luffy

On Sale $27.03 AUD Sold Out Regular price $28.45 AUD

Ahoy! The Straw Hat Pirates crew is finally joining the Nanoblock series. First up in the series, we have the pirate leader himself, Monkey D. Luffy. Despite his laid-back personality, Luffy is the type of person you don't want to mess with. This 150 pieces...
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