Nanoblock A/S Scuba Diving

$21.85 AUD Sold Out

The ocean life is brought to life with this nanoblock! Despite the small size, this nanoblock managed to capture the essence of the ocean from the fishes to the scuba diver! Part of the Nanoblock Award Selection 2017 series, this 180 pieces nanoblock is a...

Nanoblock A/S Stacked Daruma Game

On Sale $20.76 AUD Sold Out Regular price $21.85 AUD

Stacked Daruma Game or also known as Daruma Otoshi! in Japanese is cultural game where players have to knock the center pieces out with a hammer without causing the daruma on top to fall over. This 200 pieces nanoblock plays a tribute to the fun game. Code: NBC-275

Nanoblock A/S Umbrella

$21.85 AUD Sold Out

Part of the Nanoblock Award Selection 2017 series, this nanoblock version of a umbrella is not only simply but also, pretty to look at! With 150 pieces, this nanoblock have a clear design and also a stand to "dry out" the umbrella. Perfect gifts for rain...

Nanoblock Acoustic Guitar

$14.70 AUD Sold Out

Do away with bulky acoustic guitars with this nanoblock version! Carrying and keeping a guitar has never been easier! Create a tune or two with this 150-piece instrument!åÊ åÊ Code: NBC-096

Nanoblock African Elephant

$14.70 AUD Sold Out

Prep yourself for theåÊworld's largest land animals - the African Elephant! Don't worry about the gigantic size as it now comes in nano-version! Have aåÊtrunkin' good time building this 130-piece elephant! åÊ Code: NBC-035

Nanoblock Alpaca

$14.70 AUD Sold Out

Always dreamed of havingåÊan adorable alpaca as a pet? Now you can with the nanoblock version of the domesticated animal! Get your very own cream-coloured Alpaca today! åÊ Code: NBC-079

Nanoblock Alto Saxophone

$14.70 AUD Sold Out

Make music with the very adorable saxophone crafted out of building blocks! With over 120 pieces, one can easily build it up from scratch! Now you can display it like any other professionals! Code: NBC-106

Nanoblock Arc De Triomphe

$29.54 AUD Sold Out

You'll no longer have to travel to Paris, France to take a picture with theåÊArc De Triomphe! With the nano-version, you can even invite your friends over to have a picture-perfect moment with theåÊArc De Triomphe! åÊ Code: NBH-075
Nanoblock Nanoblock Athletics

Nanoblock Athletics

$14.70 AUD

Have an adrenaline rush with the Nanoblock sport seriesåÊon theåÊtrack and field segment! Cheer yourself on as you build this set with the three categories of athletics - sprint, hammer throw, hurdles! Code: NBCB-002

Nanoblock Ball Games

$14.70 AUD Sold Out

Exercise your motor skills with the NanoblockåÊsports series on the theme ofåÊball games, featuring a football player and a tennis player! Sweat it out building this 150-piece set! åÊ Code: NBCB-004
Nanoblock Nanoblock Basic Set Mini

Nanoblock Basic Set Mini

$19.98 AUD

Start your nanoblock collection with this Basic Set Mini today! Have a time of great fun and bonding with your friends and family while piecing the set together! It's even suitable for young kids! What are you waiting for? Get yours today! åÊ Code: PBS-001

Nanoblock Bengal Tiger

$14.70 AUD Sold Out

Hear the roar of the Bengal Tiger! There will be no fear of the ferocious animal with this nanoblock version and keep it as a pet instead! Get this cute replica of the Bengal tiger today!åÊ åÊ Code: NBC-104

Nanoblock Big Ben

$27.40 AUD Sold Out

With over 460 assorted pieces, create a detailed replica of the world famous, Big Ben that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand! At just over 150 years old, the tower is one of the most prominent symbols of both London and England!  ...

Nanoblock Bitzer (Shaun the Sheep)

$29.54 AUD Sold Out

BitzeråÊis the farmer's loyal, long-suffering sheepdog, dressed for work in a blue knit cap and black collar! His outfit is recreated in the nanoblock version of Bitzer! Get him along with other Shaun the Sheep characters!åÊ åÊ Code: NBH-069

Nanoblock Block Art Hello Kitty

$29.54 AUD Sold Out

Fans of the cute feline character be sure not to miss this adorable nano-version of the Hello Kitty! This nanoblock would be a great addition to your Hello Kitty collection as a decorative piece! åÊ Code: NBH-055

Nanoblock Brook

On Sale $25.97 AUD Sold Out Regular price $27.34 AUD

Let's give a huge applause to the musician of the Straw Hat Pirates for joining Nanoblock's One Piece collection! Even in his Nanoblock form, "Soul King" Brook is as colourful as his personality. Get him and collect the rest of the crew too! Code: NBCC-055

Nanoblock Brooklyn Bridge

On Sale $41.62 AUD Sold Out Regular price $43.80 AUD

The famous bridge in New York City is making its Nanoblock debut appearance! Who doesn't know about this iconic landmark and was ranked among the city's most popular tourists attractions. If you have visited this city, this 430 pieces Nanoblock will be a great piece to serve as...

Nanoblock Budgerigar Green Opaline

$12.70 AUD Sold Out

The Budgerigar Green OpalineåÊis a beautiful bird that everyone loves! A loyal and socialable pet, it is now transformed into building blocks for all.åÊNow you can bring it along with you wherever you go!  

Nanoblock C/B Calico Cat

$15.26 AUD Sold Out

Behold the classic domestic house cat in a nanoblock form. With its orange and brown patches, this calico breed cat is loved by cat lovers. With 140 pieces and difficulty level of 2, you can own a cat of your own with this nanoblock. Code: NBC-265

Nanoblock C/B Persian Cat

On Sale $14.50 AUD Sold Out Regular price $15.26 AUD

Meow!! More cats are added to the Nanoblock collection! The famous King/Queen of the cats world, Persian cats are often sought after by cat lovers! If you can't get your hands on an actual cat, this nanoblock version will do just the trick. With 160...

Nanoblock C/B Russian Blue Cat

$15.26 AUD Sold Out

Known for their lovely personalities and beauty, Russian Blue is a popular choice sought as pets. You can own a version of Russian Blue in a nanoblock form. With 120 pieces and a difficulty level of 2, try to assemble this adorable cat now!  Code:...

Nanoblock C/B Scottish Fold

On Sale $14.50 AUD Sold Out Regular price $15.26 AUD

How can anyone not love Scottish Fold - especially their adorable folded ears! Now, the Scottish Fold have transformed into a little 110 block pieces for you to assemble. Even your figures can own pets like this!  Code: NBC-268

Nanoblock Chiang Kai Shek Memorial

$38.39 AUD Sold Out

This Taiwanese national monument, landmark and tourist attraction that was erected in memory of Chiang Kai-shek, former President of the Republic of China, now comes in nano-version! Get yours today with the Taipei 101! Code: NBH-038

Nanoblock Chihuahua

$14.70 AUD Sold Out

This is one figure that just makes anybody's hearts melt! Because you probably can't find anything cuter than this chihuachua in this nanoblock version! Being the smallest dog in the world, one can be pretty impressed with how detailed this version of Chihuahua can be!...

Nanoblock Chopper

On Sale $25.97 AUD Sold Out Regular price $27.34 AUD

The mascot of Straw Hat Pirates is making his Nanoblock debut! Other than being a mascot (out of his will), Tony Tony Chopper is actually the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates. Show your love for the crew's pet (don't tell him that) and collect the...

Nanoblock Cinnamoroll

$14.70 AUD Sold Out

One won't be able to resist the fluffy character from the Sanrio World in mini version! Cinnamoroll comes inåÊnano block and is relatively easy to build. Don't miss this out if you are a fan of Cinnamoroll! åÊ Code:åÊNBCC-012
Nanoblock Nanoblock D/B Hokkaido Dog

Nanoblock D/B Hokkaido Dog

$15.26 AUD

Native to Hokkaido, this dog is known for its bravery and especially the ability to withstand the cold due to Hokkaido's temperature. This 120 pieces Hokkaido dog is part of the Nanoblock's dog breed collection. Go get these for dog lovers that you know! Code:...

Nanoblock D/B Shiba-Inu

$15.26 AUD Sold Out

Part of the Nanoblock Dog Breed collection, Shiba Inu is a famous Japanese breed and is loved by all dog lovers for its good natured. For Shiba Inu lovers out there, this 130 pieces nanoblock is a great memorabilia for you so get yours now! Code: NBC-279

Nanoblock Dog

On Sale $14.50 AUD Sold Out Regular price $15.26 AUD

Let's welcome the Year of Dog! Dog lovers, you are in for a treat as Nanoblock release a mini version of the brown dog! Build it together with your dogs loving family/friends and cheer up your day as you display this by your side~! Code: NBC-237

Nanoblock Drum Set

$14.70 AUD Sold Out

Get your rhythm right and keep up the beat with this drum set! Hold your own mini concert after building this 200-piece nanoblock, but be sure to keepåÊyour volume down! åÊ Code: NBC-024

Nanoblock Electric Bass

$14.70 AUD Sold Out

It's all about the bass with this nanoblock version of the electric bass! Play it as a solo instrument for a jazz tuneåÊor pair it up with other instruments for a pop song!åÊ Code: NBC-051

Nanoblock Electric Guitar (Blue)

$14.70 AUD Sold Out

Ready to rock and roll? We present to you with this blue electric guitar! With just over 130 pieces, fix it up real quickly and call on your band! åÊ Code: NBC-095

Nanoblock Electric Guitar (Red)

$14.70 AUD Sold Out

Are you ready to rock and roll? We present to you with this smashingåÊred electric guitar! Piece this 140-piece nanoblock up together and create your own tune right after! åÊ Code: NBC-037

Nanoblock Electric Guitar (Yellow)

$14.70 AUD Sold Out

Rock and roll with this nanoblock version of the electric guitar! Gather your bandmates with this electric guitar and have a music jam session together!åÊ åÊ Code: NBC-023

Nanoblock Farm

On Sale $36.40 AUD Sold Out Regular price $38.31 AUD

Old Macdonald have a farm! Part of Nanoblock Stories Collection, here we have a nanoblock version of a typical day at the farm. Included in this farm are the cow, trees and the main star - a girl farmer in nanobbit form! How adorable is this...

Nanoblock Fishbowl Cat

On Sale $20.76 AUD Sold Out Regular price $21.85 AUD

Alert! A curious cat is sighted! Here we have a nanoblock fish curiously looking into a nanoblock ver bowl of fish. This 190 pieces nanoblock is perfect for those who wants a quirky figure on your desk. Get yours now! Code: NBC-272

Nanoblock Five-Storied Pagoda Deluxe Edition

On Sale $125.05 AUD Sold Out Regular price $131.63 AUD

A historic building, five-storied pagoda is now reproduced with nanoblocks. Be sure to collect yours today!  Code: NB-031

Nanoblock Florence

On Sale $41.62 AUD Sold Out Regular price $43.80 AUD

Be mesmerised with this Nanoblock version of Florence! With 690 pieces for you to assemble, you can admired Florence in its full glory! Even the tiny details are captured in this mini form. Code: NBH-164

Nanoblock Franky

On Sale $25.97 AUD Sold Out Regular price $27.34 AUD

The 8th member of the Straw Hat Pirates is joining Nanoblock's One Piece collection. This cyborg, Franky is the shipwright of the Straw Hat Pirates and this 210 pieces nanoblock is the perfect item for fans of him!   Code: NBCC-054

Nanoblock French Bulldog

$14.70 AUD Sold Out

Dog lovers are in for a treat as we bring in a mini version of the french bulldog! This figure also faithfully replicates its famous characteristic of a flat snout which is so adorable!åÊCheer up your day as you display this by your side~! åÊ...

Nanoblock Giant Panda

$14.70 AUD Sold Out

An adorableåÊblack and white creature, it is hard not to fall in love with this set of Giant Panda nano block! Just like its size, it is slightly larger than most nanoblock with 150 pieces. However, it's colour scheme makes building easier that one can...

Nanoblock Giant Panda (New Edition)

On Sale $14.50 AUD Sold Out Regular price $15.26 AUD

If you love panda and secretly want to adopt them, we have the perfect solution for you! This adorable nanoblock featuring the new edition of Panda with its bamboo in miniature form. Build it together by yourself or with your family/friends!  Code: NBC-159  

Nanoblock Giraffe

$14.70 AUD Sold Out

One will no longer to look up in adoration to the tallest animal in the word! Get the opportunity to display the miniature version of the Giraffe by your side with this nanoblock today! åÊ Code: NBC-094

Nanoblock Grand Piano (Black)

$14.70 AUD Sold Out

The grand piano is an instrument that is greatly admired and always under the spotlight! This elegant-looking nanoblock version of the black grand piano is definitely going to shine amongst your collection!åÊ Code: NBC-017

Nanoblock Grand Piano (White)

$14.70 AUD Sold Out

The grand piano is an instrument that is greatly admired and always under the spotlight! This elegant-looking nanoblock version of the white grand piano is definitely going to shine amongst your collection!åÊ åÊ Code: NBC-053
Nanoblock Nanoblock Great Pyramid of Giza

Nanoblock Great Pyramid of Giza

$27.40 AUD

Located in El Gizu in Egypt, the GreatåÊPyramid of GizaåÊis a geometric marvel! Now you can have one of the wonders of the world at the palm of your hand with this nanoblock version of the Pyramid!åÊ åÊ Code: NBH-033

Nanoblock Great White Shark

$14.70 AUD Sold Out

Get up close and personal with the world's largest known predatory fish - theåÊgreat white shark! Form a fish out of the water with this 130-piece nanoblock version!åÊ åÊ Code: NBC:082

Nanoblock Greater Flamingo

$14.70 AUD Sold Out

The Greater Flamingo is known highly for its elegant due to its movement and appearance, and it is clearly captured in this version of nanoblock too! As it stand tall on one foot, it looks highly proud but yet graceful at the same time. åÊ...

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