Kuji - Double Chance (Singapore and Malaysia Info)

Kuji Double Chance (Singapore and Malaysia) Information

We carry international / regional export sets (commonly known as White Label for some titles) and Japan domestic sets (commonly known as Gold Label for some titles) for our Kuji. Below is our store's policy.


Ichiban Double Chance (Singapore and Malaysia) is only applicable for this region's export sets for selected titles. 


Online Kuji:

1. We will include stubs from our export sets for Singapore only for Singapore and Malaysia orders by default as goodwill on both the live show and Instant Menu. No need to request during show. Inclusion of the stubs will be done in the backend and will not be shown on screen. (We will do this only for titles applicable for the Double Chance Campaign and not for everything)

2. Stubs from Japan Domestic, Gold Label, other region sets will not be included. 

3. For live show purchases, please enquire with Mystery Hands before purchase if it is important to you to have the stub from the Singapore export set. We will not cancel / refund once orders have been made as per our strict non-refund cancellation policy

4. If you need immediate info on whether the current live show set is Singapore export set, please enquire under the live show comments only. We may not be able to check on this off the show via FB Message, email or any other methods. 

5. Our packers will do their utmost to ensure the stubs are firmly attached to the orders. In the very unlikely event that the stubs fall out during transportation, or from any other human error, please understand that we cannot be held responsible for missing stubs as this inclusion service is a goodwill one.

6. The stubs will not be included in non-Singapore and Malaysia orders. We will base your location from your shipping address in your order.

7. All orders with or without stubs will be processed accordingly based on our usual processing procedure and queue. We cannot expedite any specific orders even if the Double Chance deadline is closing. We will also not be able to send stubs first and orders later. We are also unable to send pictures of the stubs, nor email the codes separately. 

8. All refund / cancellation / exchange requests arising from stub-related issues will not be entertained.


In-store Kuji Purchases:

1. Stubs are not added to your purchases by default as our staff may miss it out. You can have the stub upon request during the point of purchase for Singapore export sets. 

2. We cannot provide stubs for previous purchases if you forget to request during the point of purchase.

3. Our staff may miss out informing that the current set is Japan Domestic and not Singapore export set. Please enquire specifically on this before purchasing if this is important for you. We will not cancel / refund the order once stubs are opened / payment have been made.

4. Stubs from Japan Domestic, Gold Label, other region sets will not be provided.

5. All refund / cancellation / exchange requests arising from stub-related issues will not be entertained.