Monthly Delivery Service

    No need to queue, no need to take Grab to lug your loot home
    No delivery charges after that

    Monthly Delivery Service - Singapore
    Shipping FrequencyMonthly
    Max WeightUnlimited
    Monthly Fee $9.90 AUD
    Free Shipping Coupon CodeFREESHIPSG
    Applicable for Non-Kuji OrdersYes!

    This plan entites you to use the free shipping coupon code "FREESHIPSG" for free shipping on ALL Purchases.

    We will consolidate all your parcels and will send the items to your home address once a month.

    How does it work?

    Subscribers will be able to use the shipping code FREESHIPSG to let us know what they want to consolidate a particular order and get free shipping for that purchase. We will send out your items drawn in the previous month within the current month.

    1. SUBSCRIBE above
    2. Choose HOME DELIVERY during check out
    3. Apply FREESHIP code to cancel shipping fees
    *If Self Collection is used, it will be sent to the stores even if FREESHIP code is used.

    When will we consolidate?

    We will only consolidate orders that has the code FREESHIPSG applied & when home delivery is selected.
    Orders without this code, or if SELF COLLECTION is selected, will be processed as usual.

    This plan is for Singapore only.

    How do you stack coupon codes?

    Codes cannot be stacked. If you would like to use a discount code, please do the following steps:

    1. Choose HOME DELIVERY during check out
    2. Apply discount code
    3. Email with your order number and the following message: "Refund shipping fees for courier nin subscription"
    4. We will refund the shipping fees within 14 working days

    Preorders How?

    We will consolidate everything that is fullfillable during the subscription month and send the following month. So even if you apply FREESHIPSG on a preorder, we will only consolidate it if you are still paying during the month it is dispatched.

    How do I cancel?

    Log into your account -> Order Consolidation Service -> Manage Memberships


    Pay for the subscription. Select delivery to your home address and apply FREESHIPSG to consolidate. We will send everything that is ready during the subscription month, the following month.