NOTICE: FAKE Otaku House Retail Outlets in USA

The Authentic Otaku House

We are the proud owners of the registered trademark "Otaku House" in USA. This means we are the only business allowed to use the name “Otaku House” and no other retail entities are legally allowed to use the name “Otaku House” in USA. 

We are also an authorized retail partner for many Japanese brands such as Bandai, Banpresto and Goodsmile Company. We have been in operation for more than 20 years, selling authentic anime products to enthusiasts in USA.

Our website and physical addresses are listed on  Bandai Banpresto and Goodsmile Company's websites.

Recently, our USA customers have reached out to us, saying that they visited stores using our name. These stores are apparently selling unlicensed bootleg and counterfeit items parading as authentic ones. The customers who unfortunately purchased these fake items thinking they were real reported that the items broke apart / print fell off after a very short while.

Some of the locations that the fake Otaku House is operating at that we were alerted to are at Maryland, NJ, Madison, Westfield San Francisco, Lancaster, PA etc

We categorically disassociate ourselves from these illegal stores and we reserve our legal rights against them. 

Our Retail Outlets

We do not operate any brick-and-mortar stores within the United States. Our physical locations are situated in Asia, and we exclusively serve our American customers through online channels.

BEWARE! Fake Otaku House Retail Stores in USA

Again, we do not operate any physical outlets in the USA.


We currently do not operate physical stores in USA, and conduct our USA transactions on our online store only. To ensure that you only purchase authentic licensed high quality anime products imported from Japan under the Otaku House guarantee, do only purchase directly through our website at .

To differentiate between the fake Otaku House and us; the real official Otaku House, please check the logo the stores use. The logo at the top of this page is the official Otaku House logo. Please check our logo against the store you visit and if their logo do not look like this, you have stumbled into an illegal store!

If you come across any of these fake illegal stores in any other locations, we would appreciate if you could alert us by emailing us their address so that we can include them into our legal action and protect you from accidentally purchasing fake anime products!