USA Shipping Info

Yes, we ship to USA

We are delighted to offer shipping services to all U.S. states!  

Shipping Methods

We primarily ship by Standard Airmail (under 4.4lbs); ideal for lightweight items. EMS, DHL or Fedex Express for parcels (exceeding 4.4lbs). 

Shipping fees are based on actual or volumetric weight of your order, whichever is higher. An estimate for the shipping fees is below. 


USA Shipping Rates 

  • Upon dispatch, delivery estimate of 1-3 weeks depending on sorting speed of USA customs clearance and local post office.
  • The USD rates here are only estimates and are subject to change during checkout as the exchange rates fluctuates daily.
  • The rates listed below serve as samples to offer you a general understanding of our pricing structure. Rest assured, our actual shipping rates are highly detailed and tailored to ensure you receive the most cost-effective shipping solution for your specific order.
0.22lbs (100g) - USA Airmail
2-3 weeks ~USD 10.89
0.44lbs (200g) - USA Airmail
2-3 weeks ~USD 12.26
1.1lbs (500g) - USA Airmail
2-3 weeks ~USD 16.35
2.2lbs (1kg) - USA Airmail
2-3 weeks ~USD 24.51
3.31lbs (1.5kg) - USA Airmail 2-3 weeks ~USD 38.09
4.41lbs (2kg) - USA Airmail
2-3 weeks ~USD 46.79
11.02lbs (5kg) - EMS / FedEx / DHL
EMS: 2-3 weeks. FedEx / DHL: 5 days ~USD 82.34
19.84lbs (9kg) – EMS / FedEx / DHL EMS: 2-3 weeks. FedEx / DHL: 5 days ~USD 131.10
Heavier Weights EMS: 2-3 weeks. FedEx / DHL: 5 days To Bill Later

Tip: Too much trouble to scan through the charts? Add your favorite items to your cart and get a shipping estimate at checkout. No charges until you confirm payment!


  • Kuji orders will need additional shipping fees after packing as we won't know the item you get during purchase. Look for 'FLATSHIP' in the title for exceptions.
  • We'll send a separate shipping invoice for you to choose your preferred method.


  • For FLATSHIP Kuji, no shipping top ups are necessary.
  • If your order includes both FLATSHIP and NON-FLATSHIP items, it's treated as NON-FLATSHIP. The initial shipping paid is credited toward the final bill after packing.

Other Items 

  • For all other items, FLATSHIP shipping applies, charged upfront with no additional top-ups.
  • Large orders with upfront shipping not applied will be billed after packing for optimal rates.
  • If an order consists of both FLATSHIP and NON-FLATSHIP items, we will treat the order as NON-FLATSHIP. The shipping paid in this case is credited to the final shipping bill after packing.
  • No partial refunds will be given in the event that we combine multiple orders together. 


  • In the event that the shipping weight of the actual item defers too differently from the estimate we may invoice you for the difference; otherwise it will be the usual FLATSHIP.