Otaku House Mini Kuji

Products with the "Play" logo means we will open the item via live streaming on Otaku House Facebook and Youtube Channel.

These are what is on today's show that is ongoing and/or the next show.  Check Otaku House Live Show Schedule here.

What is Mini Kuji: Like blind boxes, each packet will include a random design of the item stated in the listing. Some packet will come with a note that says you get a bonus item (designs stated in the listing). The buyer who buys the last packet will get the last prize for free! 

These are the current Mini Kuji available. 


Kuji Kuji - Kuroko's Basketball Mini Kuji [2 Pulls]

Kuji - Kuroko's Basketball Mini Kuji [2 Pulls]

$19.80 SGD / For 2 Pulls 🌀 ( 🔥 15 Left)

*Price is for 2 Pulls There are 60 items to be collected! Buy any number of tries for a chance to get any of the items in the images. There will be a video streaming of the drawing of the prizes after you have made the purchase.  How to Play:...
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