About Otaku House

Otaku House is for all you otaku who loves anime, games and all that jazz!

Otaku House is the largest anime Kuji store probably the world over! With over 200 in-stock kuji titles in our catalog (with more added every other day!), you’ll be hard-pressed to find a single store anywhere in the world that carries as much kuji titles as us. Our kuji feature brands from Sanrio Atari Kuji, Ichiban Kuji, Happy Kuji, Charat Kuji, Minna No Kuji, Taito Kuji, Wakudoki kuji, and many MANY more!

We’re the pioneer; the first in the world to offer live streaming of kuji back in 2017. (That’s right, you won’t be able to find any video of anyone doing any live kuji streaming dated before 2017 that is not us!)

Our vision was to offer kuji to anyone, anywhere in the world. Just purchase on our website and watch your kuji being opened in real time on our signature live streams that runs (almost) 24 hours, and feel the excitement with our hosts known as Mystery Hands (or MH; we created and trademark this!) as you see which collectible you get!

Otaku House started out as a humble little anime memorabilia pushcart kiosk at Orchard Cineleisure in 2006. It is thanks to your support that we are now one of the the leading anime chain in Singapore, and we can keep on selling the anime stuff that we love!

We have since been featured on Japan Nikkei newspaper, Japan Fuji TV, among other local and international media.


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