Preorder Release Dates

The preorder release dates are estimated release dates in Japan given by the manufacturers. We may receive the items 2 months after they are released due to shipping and customs clearance speed. Please note that delays to the estimated release dates are quite frequent and normal. We do not give refunds for delays in release as this is really out of our control. 

Please note that suppliers do not provide us with timely information on release date delays as they too expect this to be normal. As such, we are unable to update our customers if items' arrival dates get delayed as well. We will however, inform if the item is confirmed by manufacturer to be cut, and in turn provide a cancellation of the order. 

Email us to check if you have not received the items after they are supposed to be released. (Do allow for 3 weeks after enquiry for us to get back on any release date info as manufacturers' responses to us are usually slow)

For preorders, we will place your orders with the manufacturer after you place an order with us. As quantity cuts are quite frequent, refunds will be given only if we are unable to fulfil your orders due to quantity cuts.