Online Claw Machines - Hatsune Miku

The Otaku House Online Claw Machines

Now, you can play these Online Craw / UFO Machines using your browser anywhere around the world 24/7. We will send you the prizes when you win!

Always Easy Wins

Players trying for prizes are taken to a video feed of a UFO Catcher machine or a Claw machine. The machines here are known for their easy wins.

Free plays daily. No app download is needed!

How to Play?

You will need these blue GEMS 💎 to operate our online claw or UFO machines. You can buy them here.

🕹️Paw Game - Virtual Vtuber Anime Girl Figures

🕹️Paw Game - Virtual Vtuber Anime Girl Figures

( 8 Left)

Online Claw Machine  We now have online Crane Paw Machines!! These claw machines are arcade game commonly found in video arcades or shopping malls. Play this online now! Vtubers Anime Girls Includes Hatsune Miku, Hololive etc.. So many choices. Who should you choose to be your waifu? Check out our Vtuber box of...
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