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The Otaku House Online Claw Machines

Now, you can play these Online Craw / UFO Machines using your browser anywhere around the world 24/7. We will send you the prizes when you win!

Always Easy Wins

Players trying for prizes are taken to a video feed of a UFO Catcher machine or a Claw machine. The machines here are known for their easy wins.

Free plays daily. No app download is needed!

How to Play?

You will need these blue GEMS 💎 to operate our online claw or UFO machines. You can buy them here.

🕹️Paw Game - Authentic Isekai Anime Figures

🕹️Paw Game - Authentic Isekai Anime Figures

( 6 Left)

Online Claw Machine  We now have online Crane Paw Machines!! These claw machines are arcade games commonly found in video arcades or shopping malls. Play this online now! Prize Info: Isekai Anime Figures Isekai is a subgenre of fantasy in which the main character is transported from their world into a new or unfamiliar...
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