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Online Claw Machine Featuring Hot Anime Girl Figures

We now have online Crane Paw Machines!! This beauty is called “Hiro”, and he's ready to bring you to a Wonderland of prize-grabbing! 

Prize Info

So many choices. Who should you choose to be your waifu? Check out our harem box of anime girls. They keep changing.

"I have three! One for viewing, one for keeping, and one for practical purposes!"

- Gintoki

FAQ Australia

Do you have other Online Claw Machines?

Yes, you can find the rest of the claw machines here.

Do you send to Australia?

We ship to Australia! You will need to claim your prizes to get them after winning. Check your account for shipping options! (My Account -> Claim Paw Machine Prizes)

Shipping to Australia is relatively fast. It'll take around one to two weeks.

How long do you keep my prizes?

We will keep your items for 2 weeks. After that, the prizes are deemed to be forfeited.

If I am under your consolidation plan, can I consolidate the prizes to Australia?

The paw prizes are handled differently and we are unable to consolidate them currently.

What happens when the prize is stuck on the claw at the end of the game?

We will not honour the win. Whoever that makes the prize drop during their turn will get the win.

Will you send me the exact design I caught?

We will try our best to send the design you caught, but in the event, a different design is sent, we will not resend the item. These errors happen when the items look too similar; we will try our best to prevent this.

What happens when I manage to grab more than one prize in a game?

We will honour one prize only.

What happens if I manage to grab a part of the prize and not the whole item? (Like the tag, ribbon, accessory etc.)

We will not honour the prize.

What happens if I grab a prop in the machine? (Like plastic balls, wooden blocks etc.)

We will not honour the win.

What happens if my prize gets stuck in the chute and not registered as a win?

Once the prize is in the chute, report the game by following the instructions at the bottom for registering a win, and we will award the win to you.

What happens if my prize gets stuck in the chute and someone else grabs it and drops it again?

Once the prize is in the chute, it is already considered a win. Any further attempts to retrieve the prize from the chute will be ignored, and we will not honor any subsequent claims of a win.

What happens if I win a game but it's not registered as a win?

After the game ended, click on "Win is not registered" button to report the game.

All reported games will be reviewed within 1 working week. You dont have to email us.

For whatever reason you are not able to report the current game, do report the next game in the same machine.

I forgot to report the game when win is not registered!

Dont panic, simply provide us with the Game ID of the next game you played and we can take it from there!

What happens if the prize drops outside the machine?

We will not honour the prize

What happen when I run out of gems during my play?

Your turn will end and whoever is next in queue will play next.

I know this is still undergoing Beta testing. Who should I contact if there are weird issues?

help@otakuhouse.com. If applicable, please provide a Game ID to assist our support team to understand your issue better.

I dont see my gems after making a purchase

If you are using Apple Pay, Google Pay or Paypal Express, Shopify may have created a new account using the email binded to your payment provider and your gems is probably there.
Do contact us providing us with your alternate email and we will check it out for you.

I cant see the machine streaming video. It's blank.

While there could be many possibilities why a video cant be seen.
One of the most common reason is your device is running on power saving mode.
Turn it off and check the video again.
Feel free to contact us if it still doesn't work.

Can I exchange my winning prize with another prize in the machine?

To ensure fairness for all players, we do not allow exchanges.

Can I refund my Gems?



*Terms and conditions apply. We reserve the right to suspend the practice plays or reset the free gems at any time for individual or all accounts regardless of whether gems have been claimed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
high payout

this machine used to be way easier

Great Claw machine

You can get many wins but of course you need to know that you need sometimes 2-3 tries. It is not a scam. It is working and I won over 70 figures already combined with other claw machines from Otaku House for a few hundred bucks. In the end you can get a big plus with it :)

Box too big

Rem box too big, it got stuck btw the claw and glass and wouldn't drop in the prize box ; w ;
Next turn knocked it out... tried to grab it again to see if it would go in, but failed grabbing it, so no further comment. Did anyone ever win one of these?

Good fun but-

Good fun, would play more, but I have had an issue where prizes get stuck inside the prize section (Like sitting inside the prize hole but didn't fall all the way down) meaning it gets backed up and prevents others/me playing it more.

Would be a good idea to make sure all boxes can fit in the hole and make sure there is enough room every few hours to make sure this won't happen, I have submitted a ticket in hopes I can still redeem my two prizes.

Fun game but..

Did y’all have to refill it twice in twelve hours? With what only looks like one figure taken on after the first reset. Machine wasn’t close to empty either time. Leaves next to no chance for stuff in the back.