Kuji Policy FAQ

Kuji Policy FAQ (Non Shipping FAQs)

We often get questions regarding Kuji purchase and we have compiled a list to FAQs regarding our store policy. This list will be updated with time. Please see our Shipping and Delivery page for Delivery and Collection details. Don't see answer to your question here? Email us! 


  • What is the difference between the Menu (Red, Gold, Black etc.) ?
    We do our live shows at different locations during different parts of the day. Each live show will feature different sets and items and this is marked by the different menu color. You can also spot the corresponding table color that matches the menu color to know which menu you are buying from!

    Check our Live Show Schedule here


  • Can I choose my preferred design? (Online orders)

    Categories with multiple designs will be randomly picked by default in rotation according to our store policy. But Mystery Hands (our host) will take your “suggestion” only during your live pull turn. If you would like to choose your design, do attend our live shows (there is no other way to choose)! Please request only during your pulls!

    We seek your understanding that no exchange requests will be acceded after the live show ends / if the items are already boxed up after the pulls even during live; as per our policy. We are also unable to facilitate changes / choosing via email, messaging or any other methods.


  • How do I see which prizes are left?

    For remaining prizes of online Kuji, you can enquire under comments in the live videos to our host Mystery Hands and she will update on the screen. This is the most accurate way to get the update of that moment.

    We do not have off-live show records of remaining prizes as the items for the various titles tend to change real time and we will not be able to keep an accurate offline record since most of our daily shows run the full day from approximately 9am-9:30pm.

    *If the host does not respond with the updates, she may have missed your question. Kindly ask again if there are no updates after a couple of turns!


  • What if my order was not drawn in ascending order on the show?
    Unfortunately, human errors do happen despite being very careful, especially when our hosts are going through many orders back to back. If the order numbers for a particular title is not drawn in order (eg. #03 got drawn before #02), we will decide on the most fair reassignment of the prizes if necessary if this is discovered within the segment of the show. (Prizes to orders are assigned by sequence of the ticket that is opened, not pulled from the box.)

    If the error is pointed out to us after the show segment ends, the prizes pulled during your turn on the show will not be reassigned as they may be processed already.

    If you are viewing the live show and spotted the mistake to your order during the show, please point it out on the live show comments and ensure our host sees your message at that time (sometimes, single messages gets buried in a fast chat). Private messages and emails may not be viewed in time before the show segment ends. If we didn't view the message in time and rectify during the show, the error will be considered to be discovered after the show ends; and the items will not be reassigned. We will review all cases. Our decision for each case may differ depending on the circumstances but all decisions will be Final


  • I have an appointment date and I want to add more orders so I can collect together. Can this be done?
    We cannot manually add orders even upon request, as all the processing are done via our system. If your orders are processed in time before our logistical cut-off, they will be automatically added to your pending collection appointment. If not, you will get another email to book a separate appointment. The processing time and cut-off period differs based on seasonal volume. Orders not consolidated automatically cannot be intercepted even upon insistent requests and demands as it will cause confusion in our system.


  • Can you cancel my Kuji purchase without my consent?

    Yes. We may cancel or partially refund transactions at our discretion for reasons including but not limited to:

    - The purchase was made arising from technical errors
    - Oversells due to rapid multiple orders at the same time for a buy out
    - Latency issues in website and credit card / payment gateway levels causing apparent buy outs in error.
    - Previous order payment issues before your turn or technical errors resulted in an undersell situation in your buy out order (we will usually offer you the buy out chance before the cancellation if it is a straight forward undersell case, but may also proceed to cancel if the case is not straightforward).

    As long as your Kuji is not yet done, we reserve the right to cancel orders at our complete discretion if required upon review to maintain the integrity of the box count.

    We will otherwise strictly not refund at buyer's request regardless of reasons as per our policy here, even if you believe your case falls under the above, but we do not agree after review and hence did not refund at our discretion. Our decision will be Final.


  • I noticed that the scotch tape on the box containing my item doesn't look nice / doesn't look straight / looks re-taped. Can I get compensation? 

    No. Unless the item itself (not the packaging) is damaged, there will be no compensation. This applies to any dissatisfaction with the box.


  • I noticed that the box containing my item is dented, can I get compensation?

    No. But if the box damage is really bad, we will review at our discretion for resolutions.


  • The painting on my figure doesn't look nice / there is a defect. Can I exchange?
    We seek your understanding that the relative low price of Kuji will mean the figures' quality will not be the same as the figures with 3 digit price tags on sale; and some painting bleeds is not uncommon. 

    Unless if there is damage on a manufacturing-level, we cannot otherwise exchange due to the nature of Kuji (no extras). 

    For direct imported sets, we will be unable to get exchanges even if there are serious manufacturing defects. If a refund is offered due to product issues, the amount to be refunded for each item will be the price you paid for the affected item (1 ticket) only. We will not refund whole orders that include other unaffected items. We will also strictly NOT entertain requests to refund any perceived market value. Likewise, any requests that we purchase the item in the open / resale market in order to exchange with you will not be entertained.

    Our decision will be final.


  • I thought I bought out the set, why didn't I get the last prize?
    The turn is based on the order numbers (unless there is an extraordinary situation). This is the fairest way we can go about opening the Kuji and who gets the last ticket is usually pretty transparent.

    Sometimes, MH may miss a number and it is typically rectified during the show.

    If there are disputes, our decision is final.

  • The system automatically cut my orders and I thought I bought out the set, why didn't I get the last prize?
    Sometimes, when many customers buy out the Kuji set at the same time, the tickets may be cut down by the system even when they are not the person that buy out.

    This may be due to the latency between clicking on the buy button and the latency of the credit card processing. When this happens, we will follow the order numbers as there is really no other way to do this or to prove who owns the buy out.